ESL CPS 15: Results!

Tue 21st Jul 2015 - 1:09pm : Trackmania

After 7 weeks of epic matches and huge battles, ESL CPS 15 finally ended up. Here is the final rankings:

We finished second which is not bad for our first ESL season.  This result will probably secure a place for us in 5th division for the next season. 

It was a pretty good first season, we did have a lot of fun. Now it's time to chill out until the next competition! 






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  • Wed 20th Jul 2016 - 11:29am

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  • Sat 1st Aug 2015 - 9:17pm

    To be honest I didn't expect us to still get 2nd at last, but great job guys! The matches were I was present were fun :) Let's see what we can do in next competition!

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