STC 11: Xenon’s revelation

Mon 5th Oct 2015 - 11:47am : Trackmania

After our achieved promotion in the 6th division of ESL CPS 15 we approached the start of STC 11. Everyone was well-rested from the holidays and motivated to the bone to show the world what we were capable of. We ate iron for breakfast, meditated and fapped for weeks to get in shape. We were readier than ever. This was our time to shine!

The first map pack got released and nothing could withhold us anymore. Countless hours were trained, PB’s shattered and cars crashed. The match got closer and closer, while our times got faster and faster. With the first match on our doorstep a small delegation of the mighty Xenon team stepped up to face the ESL 1st division opponent eK, while others were still drinking beers and fucking bitches in Ibiza( or whatever).

Few of them could keep their inner fanboy inside as our star players like Cl_ment and Meerkat joined. Despite them being a bit stronger on paper we went in like a bull on Lunik’s ass. We thought “that Passi and Onio ain’t shit!”, but it turns out that those guys are actually pretty good and even an overperforming Grosoce couldn’t save us from going down 7-0 on each map.

The devastating loss didn’t hurt our motivation, but instead awakened our inner Focus; our inspiration. This wouldn’t stop us from preparing for the next match against dac-SP. With the return of our great teamleaders Lunik and Astow we didn’t only gained two great players, but also discipline and order. Astow rules with the whip (don’t know where he got that) and one crash or mistake could mean your way out, while Lunik shows off his mad skills and 360 wall crashes.

This made sure we were in optimal shape on match day, where the dac-SP team seemed almost as prepared as we were. However after an inspirational speech from Astow nothing or no one could stop us. On the first map we showed our dominance and won convincingly with 7-2. With the opponent crawling away on their knees with their tail between their legs we took our chances and raped them on the other maps. This 3-0 victory was the proof that we could do anything with the right mindset or if the opponents aren’t trained.

With the release of a new map pack the grind could start again. Although the maps proved to be a bit more challenging than the first map pack it was Focus who managed to get into the dedimania records (for one day). With this powerhouse in our lineup and last week’s victory in our memory we were confident that we could squash those Insects. However the first map was already lost with 7-0 and with many of us fearing of what will come next we were about to show some resilience. Because we could manage to win 2 rounds on the second map and even 4 rounds on the last map. Another loss, but at least we showed that we could fight back!

A week later we were playing against the reborn Begrip. Despite being the underdog, especially with Meerkat not being there we tried to give it our everything. Not many of us knew what a steamroller tasted like, but it had a strange taste of pickles and a vague sense of banana. Nevertheless we lost in, I wouldn’t say chanceless, but 21-0 score.

With the first place of the group out of reach we needed to defend our honor against Impact, which was stronger than us on paper. Despite this we were determined to perform and we attacked like bloodthirsty hounds. However even with cl_ment topping the leaderboard and an impressive Limitless we couldn’t prevent a 7-3 loss on the map Arney. Now the map Meringue was on, but apparently not enough players had trained this map. This meant that this map resulted in a loss and we would also lose this match. However the last map Cooldown still had to be played and despite two of their players performing well we showed them a team effort and pulled the map in with 7-5.

With our 5th place in the groupstage we managed to get into the playoffs and got matched up against ANE Core, ez. The confidence and mentality from the start of the season had faded after this long and tiring competition. After a loss on the first map of 7-1 we also couldn’t stop them from beating us on the second with 7-1. It was over for us. The last map was still played to complete the season.

I would say that the STC season didn’t go that well in terms of results, but I think that a lot of us have improved towards the end. It was awesome to see everyone’s times getting closer and closer to the dedimania records. Astow was even only a tenth away at the end and was even able to keep up with the ANE players, so props to him. I had a lot of fun during the matches and training for them. Keep improving and cya at the next season of ESL!

Kisses from Meerk <3




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