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    Trend Micro Geek Squad ( - As an antivirus or internet security trend micro is just excellent . Its real time database system keeps the database updated which defines the real time latest virus and malware. That is why trendmicro is that much efficient in malware detection.Here we given it 5 out of 5.

    System Performance With
    The system performance is very good in comparion with many antiviruses. Actually the system performance depend on the weight of the program file of an antivirus. Here trend micro is a good one .

    If You Got A Trendmicro Internet Security From Best buy Still You Should Initially Configure Your Computer For Best System Performance And For Recovery Options As Well -
    A computer needs an initial configuration for its best performance. Most of the users like a faster browser like google chrome , as it is not preinstalled in your computer. You can download and install it for better internet surfing. Else you can install mozilla firefox for good browsing experience.
    A flash player is also required for running some of the online video.

    System restore point - A system restore point is like system image or system recovery option already present in windows. A user just need to create a restore point. So that in future if some how the computer operating system is messed up then you can recover your computer at the same recovery point.

    If you are going to connect your new or old printer to your new computer , then i want to let you know that printers also need its driver in order to synchronize with the computer. So it can work. Install the printer specific driver in order to connect it with your new computer.

    System tools - You purchased your trend micro from best buy. If you will ask for ccleaner or slimcleaner utility at bestbuy then definetly you will get these software there. When you use your computer over the internet then a lot of file comes to some of the folders in the computer.

    Except it when you install any software in the computer it creates various folders in the computer. These folders contains different type of files . Some of these folders contains files on the online sessions.

    Imagine these files are created in a session , so it is not needed in the next sections because these type of files are created in every sessions of an online software. After the session these files becomes garbage for the computer.

    These files are needed to be cleaned on daily basis that is why we needs a cleaner and maintenance software in the computer as we can not recognize these folders which stores the garbage file. Ccleaner can automatically identify these files and clean it on the daily basis.

    You Purchased Trend Micro From Geek Squad , Install It Simply At Www.Trendmicro.Com/GeekSquad
    If you face any kind of problem during installation then we offer some unbeatable services in this niche . Now just have a look on our services which you will get nowhere 

    Proper diagnostic of your computer.
    An expert will check the configuration of the computer and he will let you know what will be good for your machine.
    Installation and removal of trend micro internet security.
    Troubleshooting issues related to the installation of your internet security.
    Resolve all kind of services and driver related problem in the computer.
    Solution to a corrupt operating system.
    Optimize your computer to its maximum performance.
    Come to us if your computer is slow.
    Touch pad , mouse or keyboard is not working.
    When you want to connect a wireless printer in your computer.
    If any of your utility software is not working properly.
    Outlook, Microsoft office related problem even quickbooks problems will be resolved.
    If you have any kind of software issue in your computer consider contacting us.

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